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Project: Using A Chart Interactive

Client: HB Source

(shown without final outer cladding)


IBEX was commissioned by HB Source to design the electronic control system for a new interactive map reading exhibit.

The exhibit is based around 3 plastic 'charts' which are laid into a large recess on the top of the exhibit.  The recess is actually the opening of a large 42" infra red matrix touchscreen, supplied by IBEX.  Further optical sensors detect which chart is placed in the touchsceen.  The entire exhibit is controlled by a customised IBEX sound store, which also provides the exhibits audio playback

Once the user presses a virtual 'start' button on the chart the interactive begins.  The user follows audio prompts, tracing a path across the chart.  The touchscreen provides full positional feedback, allowing the game to follow the users progress and correct them should they go wrong.

The interactive also includes a secret light box, hidden under a reflective glass panel inside the touch screen.  When a user successfully completes the last game the light box is illuminated to show a model of the map underneath.


Supply large format infra red matrix touchscreen. 

Supply Sonix MP3 sound store to provide audio playback

Interface to the touchscreen and provide real time X, Y tracking of the users progress through the game.

Custom programme the Sonix MP3 to provide full computerised control of the exhibit, with 3 interactive games to the specifications of HB Source.